Greeble Bake is made to quickly bake details from a planar canvas in the z direction. This will let you easily design texture map details seamlessly as you work with your larger scene.

This frees you to work on the bigger aspect of your design while having the confidence that you can just deal with the small details with a click of a button.

The real power of this add-on lies when baking greeble details especially those generated using Random Flow. This allows you to create a massive library of texture map details in a short amount of time.

You can also create normal or depth stencils by putting your design on top of the canvas and baking it. You can copy/paste this texture unto other normal and depth texture maps for additional details with the advantage of not spending extra time modeling the actual geometry.

Somebody commented in YouTube that an alpha, emit and color pass bake could also be interesting because originally the add-on is only supposed to bake normal, ao and depth or displacement. So I did add them, and they turned out to be really useful.

In Figure 7, the holes in the left model was baked as alpha and put into the material of the primitive plane to the right. An array modifier was then added to create a sort of grating design on a really simple and low poly geometry thereby reducing its contributing overhead to the final render.

I might have said this before in Random Flow but I'm gonna say it again here, this add-on is going to let your imagination run wild. As simple and as powerful as it is, only you can truly push it to its maximum potential.

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