The download files from the store includes presets so you can quickly come up with cool designs.

These presets can be accessed in the Operator Presets dropdown menu on top of the redo panel of most of the operators in the add-on.

Unzip the presets folder and paste the operator folder to these directory according to the system you are using:

  • Linux ~/.config/blender/4.0/scripts/presets/

  • Mac /Users/{user}/Library/Application/Support/Blender/4.0/scripts/presets/

  • Windows C:\Documents and Settings%username%\Application Data\Blender Foundation\Blender\4.0\scripts\presets\

In Windows, you can access these directories using the Win+R hotkey and typing "%appdata%" and going to the Blender Foundation folder.

if the higher directory does not exist e.g /presets/ then just create it yourself.

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