The settings submenu contains different toggle and property values that affects certain operations in the add-on.

Parent To Source

The Parent To Source toggle parents the resulting random meshes to the active or work mesh. This is on by default. This feature also adds the random mesh to the same collection as the active object even with this toggle turned off.

Dynamic Scale

The Dynamic Scale toggle is on by default and scales the result of redo properties based on the average dimension of the active or source object.

This is to fix the issue of the default values for properties like thickness and depth having a really small or barely noticeable effect for real world size modelers. It also makes the effect of these properties more uniform no matter the size of the source object.

The operators using this are Random Loop Extrude, Random Panels, Random Slice. Random Axis Extrude, Random Tubes and Random Cables.

Be sure to apply the scale of the active or source object using the Ctrl A hotkey in object mode in order for this to work.

Clear Selection

This will clear the face selection from the source object that you used for randomization.

Copy All Modifiers

This allows the random meshes to copy all the modifiers from the source object.

In Figure 5, a bevel modifier has been added to the source object and with this toggle the random mesh was also able to use it.

Scale Factor

This scales the effects of the redo properties like thickness or depth by this much when using the dynamic scale toggle.


This is the sharpness threshold when using the invoke function in most of the random operators.

To activate this, press the Alt hotkey then click on the random operator button to activate. Based off the selection, this will select all of its linked faces based off a sharpness threshold.

This speeds up the process of selection large areas of faces to use for randomization. The only disadvantage is that you cannot change its value when the operator is working.

You can use this for most of the random operators except for Random VColor and Random Animation.

Face Select Limit

This will reset the subdivision property to zero of a random operator if your face selection count is equal or greater than this value.

This is used to avoid freezes when accidentally using a high subdivision value on a high resolution face selection count.

Auxilliary Add-ons

This will append some of my other add-ons to the main menu. For now, only Panel Cutter can be added if you already have it.

Show Usage Info

Adds a button to the main menu which when pressed will you the basic workflow when using the add-on.

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