Being completely random, this add-on somehow comes up with really interesting silhouettes. All the properties come together to create happy accidents that result to cockpit shapes in shorter ships, bridges in longer ones and other details that makes the design more compelling.

Having set the properties to your desired values, you can just play around with the random seed to cycle through each design until you get what you like.

The material used in these sample images are from the Append Material operator from Random Flow.

Let the presets and this documentation help you figure out what all of the settings do to alter the shape of the ship.

The add-on is designed to quickly put out ship designs for mid to far away renders as background assets but you can certainly use this for more close-up renders by using more detailed textures.

In Figure 4, the ship is using just 2 hull sections. This was created using the "wings_sharp" preset with a lot the settings modifier to make it look like this like smoothing, shading and levels of subdivision.

In contrast, the ship in Figure 5 is using 24 hull sections. Creating huge motherships is one of the most fun aspect of this add-on.

By adjusting some of the properties like increasing the large wing tolerance to 2 or 3 and reducing the x scaling, you can get gun shapes! Now, this probably won't impress a gun enthusiast but it's certainly will be good enough as background renders or as design references.

I've also used it to design sword handles and lightsabers in the past. You can also create robotic limbs with these. The designs you can come up with this add-on will be truly compelling once you have mastered all the properties.

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