This feature allows you to create a backup copy of selected mesh objects in Blender memory so you can use destructive operations in Random Flow without losing them.

The saved data is retained as long as you saved the blend file and you will be able to bring them back anytime by replacing a mesh data with the saved one.

There are three operators in this feature:


This operator will save the mesh data of all the selected mesh objects.

When activated, you will see the "# mesh data saved." text at the bottom of the 3D viewport with # representing the number of objects used in the operation.


This allows you to replace the active object's mesh data with a previously saved one.

If possible, the list will be sorted based on the geometric similarities between the active object and the saved mesh data and will display the "Matches (number) geometry from (total) saved mesh data." text.

The mesh data at the top of the list has the highest percentage in terms of geometric likeness. Those below it have lower percentages.

This system will enable you to easily identify the basemesh used for the active object's design making it easy to bring back its original state if you want to start over.

Remember that you have to save the blend file in order for these saved mesh data to be properly stored so when you open Blender again the list will still be there.


This operator will clear or wipe all the saved mesh data using this feature from the blend file. The number of purged data will be displayed at the bottom of the 3D viewport.

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