This is where you create the name of the baked images and set their sizes.

Leaving the name textbox blank will use the default "bake" name instead for the baked images. Whatever name you use here including the default will have suffixes added to them depending on the bake type e.g. "_normal" for normal map or "_ao" for AO and "_depth" for depth.

If you are not using the Bake To Last Images toggle in the Baking tab. This will create new images using the same name but Blender will give them extra suffixes like ".001", ".002" and so forth. For example: "bake_normal.001" - this is no longer script driven and is Blender internal behavior.

With the Bake To Last Images toggle enabled, the name textbox will be ignored and the images set in corresponding maps in the Baked Last Images tab will be used instead.

The size properties lets you set the Width and Height of the resulting bake images.

The Pack Images toggle is used to pack the baked images to the blend file. This also makes sure that Blender does not suddenly make these images black.

The fake user can be toggled on off using the shield icon beside the image name as shown in Figure 2. You need to open up an image editor window to do this.

Be warned, without saving externally the baked images can sometimes turn black so you will have to repeat the baking process again.

In the image editor window, you can save these images externally by using the Alt+S hotkey or from the image menu in the top bar.

The Resolution templates allow you to quickly set both the height and width of the resulting bake images to 254, 512, 1024, 2048, 4096 or 8912 pixels. Just remember that higher image resolution, higher samples and high model resolution all contribute to serious processing overhead or longer times spent finishing the baking process.

The Purge operator allows you to clear or remove images that has no users from the scene entirely. This will seek out the suffixes: "_normal", "_ao", "_depth", "_alpha", "_color" and "_emit" from the image names so as to affect only the images created by the add-on in the process - unless of course you have manually changed the name then these images will be immunized from the effect of the operator.

Texture images you are using for normal map and displacement should be using a Non-Color color space in order to work properly.

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