This page contains all the properties or settings in Random Starship. This aims to provide a summary of all the control properties that can be used to modify your spaceships.

This add-on has a lot of settings exposed to give you thorough control of the resulting spaceship mesh. It has so many that it became a problem to design the redo panel UI to actually fit inside the Blender window.

The only solution was to design dropdown sections which were divided according to their overall functionality in shaping the spaceship.

The dropdown section buttons are part of the script, so if operations lag due to higher subdivision, opening these sections will also be slowed.

This page is designed to show you how these sections operate individually so you will get a general picture of how they all function to come up with the random design.

The add-on is an operator which uses a popup menu that will wait for your input in order to operate which is similar to the way the random operators work in Random Flow.

Questions about the disappearing menu will surely pop up so you can read all about it in this page.

If you wish to dock this to the side of the 3D viewport instead then you have to turn on the Use confirm menu toggle instead mentioned in the installation page of this add-on.

Once activated, modifying any of the redo panel properties will not result in live changes in the 3D viewport instead you have to push the Ok button to activate the operator.

You can then open the docked menu in the bottom left side of the viewport to show the redo panel - any edits you make here will have live effects on the viewport.

You can still open up the redo panel anywhere in the 3D viewport using the F9 hotkey even if the docked menu is open.

Here are the different redo panel sections and their properties:

HullFront / BackPlatingWingsSettings

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