Merge Objects

The Merge Object is an experimental operator in the add-on. Besides the legacy operators, we also have these which are useable but the native Blender functionality it uses needs more Blender development to get rid of its flaws.

This operator is designed to take a selection of objects and boolean merge or add them on a target object. Before some of the random operators got the ability to merge their result to the source mesh, this was used as an alternative to create a unified mesh out of all the randomized objects.

Some of its problems is caused by using the boolean functionality in Blender. This means it is only good as the development or current state of boolean in Blender will allow.

Its also not advised to use this on high resolution meshes which are sometimes the result of using Random Flow and only on low to mid resolution meshes to avoid freezes in general.

Here are the redo properties for this operator:

Operand Type

You can select on options Object or Collection. This simply dictates how the rest of the selection will be booleaned to the Merge To object. Object will add the boolean modifier per selected object and Collection will add only a singe modifier on the Merge To object with the boolean objects put in a collection.

Merge To

This property allows you to select which object the rest of the selection will boolean merge to.

Offset Target

This will offset or inflate the target object to make the overlap between it and the boolean objects better to improve the boolean operation.

Offset Boolean

This will offset or inflate the boolean objects to make the overlap between them and the boolean target object better to improve the boolean operation.

Self Intersection

This toggle enables the boolean objects to intersect or boolean each other.

Hole Tolerant

Creates holes in the mesh to improve results. Using this leads to increased processing overhead.

Fill Holes

Fill holes in the resulting mesh. This will have a direct effect on the Hole Tolerant property.

The Merge Objects operator does have its uses and was originally provided for artists who 3D print. You can also use this for other things that require multiple low poly objects to be quickly merged together as a single mesh.

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