Join Objects

The Join Objects operator combines selected meshes into a single object without merging vertices. This functionality mirrors Blender's native join command by using the Ctrl + J hotkey in object mode. The only difference is that this operator will put each mesh into its own vertex group inside the resulting joined object.

After selecting the objects to join and clicking on the operator, you will be presented with the operator menu. Here, you must choose the primary object to which the other selected objects will be merged.

Using the cube objects from Figure 1, in Figure 2 the property editor is shown with the 3 meshes assigned as vertex groups to the resulting merged object. You can also see that a vertex group has also been assigned to the mesh or object you used to merge the others to.

As seen in Figure 3, when you select a vertex group, it selects all vertices associated with a specific object that was used for the joining process.

This feature lets you easily select objects from the join process which for are example are the result of Random Loop Extrude operator which creates layers of details using randomized meshes put on top of each other.

The main purpose of this operator is to join the random meshes into a single object so you can assign it as an asset in the asset browser and quickly just drag and drop this unified mesh into your scene.

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