These settings control the wing details of the spaceship. There's two categories here which are the Large and Small wings.

The Small wings have additional properties but the two categories share a lot of settings.

This page will attempt to describe each property without duplicating it for the other wing category since they have the same effect and also make it clear that this particular property is only for the Small wings settings.

These are the Plating properties and what they do:

Wing Count

Lets you set the number of wings to extrude in the ship mesh. If you see that the resulting number is not accurate then you must be using mirror and the wings have extruded on the other symmetry axis.


This is the face normal angle threshold which determines what faces to extrude the wings from. Lesser values means that the wings get extruded from faces that are flatter facing to the X axis and higher values means the wings can appear in faces that are slightly more angled to the Z or Y axis.

View Limit (Small Wings)

This is the subdivision limit which is set in the Hull section where wings will not appear unless you are using a higher subdivision number or level.

This is used for lowering processing overhead when playing around with the random seed in lower subdivision to let you play around with shapes faster without the hassle of additional topology like the wings particulary the Small wing category since this is designed for higher resolution faces.

Wing Limit (Small Wings)

This has two options: None and Sharp. Using None means that the wings can be extruded from any face in the mesh. Using Sharp means that the wings cannot be extrudes from faces that have sharp angled edges typically at 30°.

Wing Area

This lets you set the face area maximum limit where wings extrusions can happen. This is typically smaller for Small wings.

Wing Length

The number of extrusions which forms the wing length.

Edge Cuts

The number of lateral edge cuts added to the wings.


How long the wing extrusion is randomized between the min and max properties.

Wing Margin

Creates a margin on the face where the wing is extruded.

Wing Taper

This lets you taper the wings to make it pointier.

Wing Smooth

Smooths the wing vertices including the faces where it was extruded.

Wing Rotation

Wing rotation angle which starts at the second wing extrusion if you are using a wing length value of 2 or above. The direction of the rotation will differ for every wing because of face normal deviations.

Wing Shade (Small Wings)

You have two options here: Smooth and Sharp. Using Smooth will shade smooth the face edges where the additional wings were extended. Using Sharp will flat shade the face edges where the additional wings were extended

Wing Seed

The random seed control for all the properties in both categories of the Wings section that can be randomized.

Randomizing the large wings will have an impact on the position of the small wings because the large wings are generated first in the topology even though both the random seed controls are independent of each other.

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