The plastic wrap effect is pretty fun! The development of the add-on actually started when someone in Discord asked if Panel Cloth from Random Flow can simulate a plastic wrap with air vacuumed out.

Though, you can somewhat do it with Panel Cloth, it's not really designed for this.

What's really great about this is that the effect of the add-on doesn't involve any physics, the crumpled and stretched look of the mesh is made by playing around with the resolution, the offset and also the smooth properties

You can also use the Wireframe toggle to create a net or web look. Increasing the resolution will also give that semi see through cloth material.

Using temporary or proxy objects to affect the shape of the wrap mesh is also useful.

This use case of this add-on is kind of niche but future updates will make sure to expand its possible applications.

You can modify the material to create alternative looks like cloth, skin, metal etc. apart from the initial see through plastice shader.

Thank you for the support and have fun with the addon!

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