Last Baked Images

This contains text/search boxes for the last images you have baked using the add-on.

These textboxes will be filled with their correspoding texture map names everytime you execute the baking process unless you have the Bake To Last Images toggle enabled in the Baking tab which in this instance will keep or freeze the names already in them.

If a particular texture map textbox is blank, a name will still be generated if you have the corresponding bake type enabled and also even if you have the Bake To Last Images enabled which will only work if the texture map name is in the textboxes already to reference the image.

You can click on any textboxes and it will show you a dropdown menu where you can manually select the image you can use for that particular texture map when using the Bake To Last Images functionality.

Obviously, avoid using the same texture map for multiple bake types.

You can also remove the image texture by using the "x" icon in the right side of the textboxes.

In Figure 4, the red highlight means these texture images doesn't exist anymore in Blender. If this happens, the baking process will disregard them and just create a new image based on the name you have set.

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