Version 3.1.0

Added Base Smooth toggle for Smoothing property in Random Loop Extrude and Random Panels. This will smooth the source mesh when turned on or the subdivided source mesh when off. The source mesh being your face selection to generate the randomization. This will create another toggle for Random Panels called Area Smooth when using the Merge toggle and only smooths the selected faces instead of the entire mesh.

Added Even Frames toggle in Random Animation when using Type: Axis. This will make it easier to create looping animations. For example, with rotation you need to set the min max in complete rotation either in -360° to 360° or 0° to 360°. Higher end frames will result to slower animation.

Set Origin operator is now set to using negative -z by default which is the "feet" for 3d models. Also added the Use Farthest toggle which will position the origin point centered in the farthest point in the x, y or z axis and not average the location - this is on by default. End frame in redo panel must match end frame in Blender.

Added By Angle option in the Limit Smooth property of Random Loop Extrude and Random Panels. This will shade the randomized meshes using the Shade Smooth by Angle method.

When using Merge in Random Panels, the boundary edges of the panel islands will be marked with seams allowing for easy UV's and selection using face mode in edit mode and the hotkey L.

Version 3.0.2

Added Shading property for Random Loop Extrude. This copies Limit Smooth in Random Panels but can be assigned individually for each loop object.

Further fix for Limit Smooth in Random Panels. Using this will no longer affect the shading of the source object unless using Merge.

Version 3.0.1

Code fix for Blender 4.1.0 autosmooth overhaul.

Limit Smooth fix for Random Panels.

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