Mark As Asset

The Mark As Asset operator will let you tag your selected objects as assets that can be then drag and dropped into the scene using the asset browser.

If you used the Grid Array operator prior to this one, try using the same sort method so the arranged objects and their new name will align together.

Here are the redo properties and what they do:


This is basically the same sort method explained in the Grid Array operator in the same add-on.

While the Grid Array operator arranges the selected objects into a grid array using the sort method, the Mark As Asset operator only uses this for renaming the object.

For example, if you use the smallest to biggest sort method, the smallest object in the selection will be named first with the ".001" suffix.


The name you will assign the objects based on the sort method. First object will have the ".001" suffix with this value ascending in the sort order used.

If you leave this blank, the original names of the objects will be preserved.


This is optional and will let you write a small description of the objects selected. You can only view this in the asset browser.


This is optional and will let you write the author or who made the objects you have selected for the operation.


You can set tags separated by a comma and space to make it easier for you to search the objects in the asset browser besides using their name.

Clear Tags

If the selected objects has been assigned tags before, using this toggle will clear them and assign the new one.

Only Rename

Using this toggle will only rename the selected objects based on the sort method and avoid marking them as assets for the asset browser.

After arranging and marking the selected objects as assets, you can save them in the directory you've assigned in the preferences as your asset browser library.

Any blend files in this directory with objects in them marked as assets will appear in the asset browser. For convenience, I assigned the same directory I save my blend files as the asset browser library.

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